Software Selection and RFP Services

Your goal is not to buy software. Your goal is to improve service to your students and to improve operational efficiency. We keep you focused on those objectives.

Software Selection Services

Buying administrative software requires knowledge of the marketplace and the institution’s needs. Our proven process takes the mystery out of buying an ERP system.  We educate the selection committee about the marketplace and the process.  ES will keep the ERP software vendors at arm’s length to maintain a level playing field and save you countless interruptions from the vendors’ sales staff. Education Strategies leads you step by step through the project and does 90% of the work, saving the college months of committee meetings. You will be confident that you are buying the right ERP software for your needs.

Operational Analysis

We review the needs of the individual offices. We conduct a process analysis and recommend ways to streamline operations. In addition to writing the RFP, Education Strategies provides a dozen other reports that facilitate the process, summarize vendor responses and analyze costs of the project.

Flowcharting Operations

ES also provides flowcharts of your administrative operations. This is done for four reasons. First, it enables the college to identify ways to streamline operations through business process re-engineering. Second, this workflow analysis provides operational documentation for the individual offices in order to improve training. Third, this process analysis provides the new ERP vendor with the information it needs to understand your institution and properly implement the system. Finally, it serves as a checklist for the office managers to make sure the new administrative system is handling all the necessary tasks.

Contract Negotiations

Having sold ERP software for many years, we understand how to negotiate for the best price with the administrative software vendor.  Our typical client experiences a 200 to 400 percent return on its investment in Education Strategies consulting.

Implementation Planning

No matter what ERP system is purchased, the most critical part of the whole project is the implementation. Our technology consulting outlines the steps the school needs to consider prior to the purchase, in order to prepare for the implementation. We instruct the campus staff on what is important for a successful implementation.  We review the data conversion process, not only for the IT staff but also for the operational office managers. We outline the staffing needs for the implementation, as well as the facility needs.

Project Control

With our easy project management tool, you know exactly what to expect on each step of the process and when to expect it. It is easy to track what has been completed and what is next. Invoicing is tied directly to the project management report. You control the project; we do the work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.