User Documentation

Most software vendors provide only technical documentation. It tells you the functions on the screen but not how to register a student or process a purchase order. 
ES creates operational documentation that enables the user to see not only the overview of the operation but also the individual steps required to complete the tasks.

Our management consultant will flowchart the operation and the processing of the individual forms. This enables the analysis of the operation and possible business process re-engineering to make your operation more efficient and effective.

The next step in the process is to document the individual steps shown in the flowchart. This includes the description of individual manual tasks, e.g. check for the advisor’s signature on the bottom of the registration form as well as what data on the form needs to be entered into the computer. Next to the description is a picture showing where on the computer screen the data is to be entered.

The detailed documentation standardizes your operations and reduces errors. It also saves considerable time in training new staff
ES also provides the client with instructions on how to maintain the documentation so that it can be kept up to date by the office manager.